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Increase Your Home's Value with Landscape Lighting

Nowadays, homeowners are thinking of anything and everything to add value to their homes. Outdoor kitchens, heated driveways and even slides from the second floor to first are being installed in homes across the country, and whether these things add value or not, you never know what you'll find in your neighbors abode.

One thing that definitely adds value to a property is landscape lighting. The landscape lighting industry has increased at an estimated $3 billion dollars in the past three years. More and more homes are having low-voltage lighting solutions installed around their home to not only increase security, but to also increase the value. It is estimated that landscape lighting can increase a home's value by 20%!

So what type of lighting can contribute to your home's value increasing?

Read ahead to find out!



Landscape lighting can enhance all the amazing features your property has to offer. You can illuminate subjects such as pools, boat docks, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and more. Who wouldn't want to show off the work that has been done to their home? This brings your home from day to night, never losing sight of its beautiful presence.


When homeowners are touring properties, they tend to envision themselves using each and every room. The same thing applies to the outdoor features as well. It is important that your outdoor areas not only exude tranquility, but that potential homeowners will consider the safety of themselves and their guests.

Driveways, walkways, stairs and areas around the pool are essential to keep lit. These areas are the most traveled on your property, and illuminating them with landscape lighting will prevent slip and falls.


Does your property detract from break-ins? It might be something to consider! Keeping areas of access well-lit and obvious will make your home less appealing for burglars. Many lighting designers offer a "smart socket" so you are able to control it from your phone. This would help if you heard a noise or something unusual. You would then be able to illuminate your outdoor areas to scare off any intruders.

Putting a timer on your transformer is also helpful for when you arrive home in the afternoon. An astro timer will turn on your lights at a desired time, always providing safety and security upon arrival.

How will you increase your property value? Consider outdoor lighting! Call today for a complimentary demonstration!

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