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How to Choose the Right Landscape Lighting Company

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

So you have finally decided you want to move forward with adding landscape lighting to your property? You want lighting that will not only provide beauty but will also provide security. When the time comes to hire a landscape lighting company, there are many factors one needs to consider to make sure they are hiring the right team. Read more to discover simple qualities to look for in a landscape lighting company.

Research is Key

When choosing a company for any home improvement job, it is essential to do your research. Search for lighting companies in your area and take a look at their website. Keep in mind, there is a large difference between companies that provide landscape lighting in addition to their main services, and companies who do landscape lighting as their primary service. Sometimes, landscape or irrigation companies provide landscape lighting, but their technicians are not experts in the world of low voltage lighting. This can cause you issues down the line if they are not able to properly install these products from the beginning, or if they are uninformed of important low voltage connection techniques and safety concerns.

Making sure that your company in question has Certified Low Voltage Lighting technicians is a great start on your journey to illuminating your home. These designers have studied and trained under other certified designers, have gone through rigorous testing to obtain their certification and have multiple years of experience in low voltage lighting. Look to see if your company in question is part of a landscape lighting organization; a common one is the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals. You can access their website here:

Look for a Portfolio

An experienced landscape lighting designer should have a large portfolio that showcases many different types of jobs throughout their career. These images should be well photographed and indicate that they are passionate about landscape lighting. If images are not provided on their website, contact the company to see if they can provide these images for you.

Request a Demonstration

A low voltage lighting company really shines during the demonstration process. The designer will meet with you 30 minutes before the sun sets to get a clear understanding of how your property looks before dark. The designer will ask multiple questions and provide extensive knowledge as they build your lighting plan. Then, the designer will display multiple lights around your property to coincide with what you previously discussed. This is a great way to preview the landscape lighting and to finalize what fixtures and finishes will be used during the project. Your designer should have a full understanding of what you're looking for and provide a quote within a few days.

One thing to look out for is if either a lighting or landscape company sends out a distributor to put together your design. This shows that the company is not confident in their ability to design which can hinder their technical and troubleshooting skills.

Creativity is key when choosing a lighting company. Make sure your designer is not only an expert in the installation of lighting, but they also have a unique eye for design! Being creative and having an interesting approach to lighting is what will make your property stand out from the rest.

All About the Warranty

It is very important that your landscape lighting company in question is able to provide a warranty for the fixtures they install. Say they have completed the job and it looks great, but a year down the line a fixture keeps malfunctioning. How will this company in question take care of this problem for you? You should find a company you can trust and come back to if you have any problems with your fixtures.

In Conclusion

Taking all of this into consideration, it all comes down to what you are comfortable with. Your designer should make you feel heard and understood, and present you with the exact vision you were looking for. They should complete your job in a timely manner and communicate efficiently.

To schedule a demonstration, call or message Beautification Through Illumination today!

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