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Tree Lighting


Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting has been around ever since structures have been around. Whether it was for security or special occasions, lighting has always been a big architectural component. Currently, landscape lighting is in large demand, and provides not only security, but tranquility, and beauty. We can provide many types of fixtures such as tree lights, up-lights, lights along walkways, and even lighting around pools.

Every lighting job starts with a consultation and a demonstration. Sean and his team will evaluate your property after the sun has set to really see what parts of the house should be illuminated. Sean takes everything into consideration: fixtures, light intensity, where you spend most of your time, what parts of the house you need security, and more. Sean will bring a few different types of fixtures with him during your demo, and will personally show you how certain lights will look before installation. BTI is very thorough, and never leaves a question unanswered. 

Pricing depends on many factors, and this will be discussed during your demonstration with Sean.

House with Landscape Lighting
Large Outdoor Water Feature

water features

Believe it or not, water features can date all the way back to the 300s, primarily in ancient China. Water features provide tranquility and peace, and can be a wonderful asset to your yard. Water features can also be adorned with many different kinds of elements, such as boulders, fountains, statues, waterfalls, and lighting. Water features can also showcase different species of Koi fish!

Before the shovel even touches the ground, Sean will walk your property with you and evaluate the land. Sean will listen to your water feature dreams and compile information about what you'd like. Sean then gets right to work mapping out your feature, including where the pump and embellishments you desire will go. Sean will then share the plan with you and get right to work. The guys at BTI will have your beautiful new feature up and running in no time.


Pricing depends on many factors, and this will be discussed during your evaluation with Sean. 

outdoor audio

Now that you have the lighting and tranquility, enjoy your favorite music or podcast right in the comfort of your outdoor living space. Impress your guests by setting the mood and create exceptional ambience either by the pool, on the patio, or by the water's edge! Contact us today for more information!

Outdoor Audio Speaker
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