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How to Maintain Your Water Feature

Your water feature is one of your yard's focal points. It adds beauty, tranquility and is a great talking point amongst your family and friends. Although water feature are mostly man-made, they are almost like their own little ecosystem. Just like a pool or irrigation system, your pond needs to be taken care of in order to run efficiently and effectively. Read more to learn about simple ways to maintain your water feature as a homeowner.

A water feature re-construction by Beautification Through Illumination.
A water feature re-construction by Beautification Through Illumination.

Low Maintenance Cleaning

As a homeowner, there are simple cleaning techniques that you can execute to make sure your pond is running smoothly week by week. This is essential to prevent build up in your skimmer box, trauma to your fish and less calls to your water feature professional. Things like cleaning your filter regularly are an easy way to keep your pond running smoothly. Simply lift the filter out of the skimmer box and rinse with a hose. Rinse in and around the box as well to keep as much blockage out as possible.

Another way to maintain cleanliness is to install a netting system over your pond when the leaves start to fall. By putting netting over the pond in a tent-like shape, it causes leaves and other debris to fall to the sides and onto the ground. Testing your water is also very important. There are no harmful chemicals involved and this can tell you a lot about your pond's ecosystem. A simple testing kit can be purchased at any local nursery.

Keep the Animals in Mind

Not only is it important to be mindful of the animals living in and around your pond, it's important to keep track of the animals that can access your pond, too. Keeping track of your furry friends is extremely important when it comes to having a water feature. Dogs can get into the pond and scratch the liner with their paws, which in turn can cause leaks and structural issues to the pond. They could also injure your fish.

Fish also need to be protected, especially from predators. Building a "fish house" or a place where the fish can hide is extremely important. This gives them a space to hide from other animals and it acts as a hideout. This can be a small section of the pond that is almost carved out, and then covered in flat stone.

Winterize Your Pond

If you live in an area like New England, one of the best things you can do is winterize your pond. This increases longevity to your pond and prevents the hardware from breaking over the cold months. It's important to provide a heater and an aerator for the fish, and to remove the pump. If you are unsure how to winterize your pond it is important to call a professional to have it done properly.

Call a Professional

Beautification Through Illumination has been maintaining water features for over 30 years. We are always available to inspect and offer advice on any water feature. Call today for an evaluation at (508) 662-2301 or email us your questions and pictures at

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